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Top 40 Blogs for DIY Car Care

Car problems can cramp your style like no other. In most parts of the U.S., owning a car is a way of life. If you don’t have one, you simply can’t get where you’re going. Most car problems have to be sorted immediately, but when you see the bill from the dealership or your mechanic, it’s tough to swallow the three digit number (which often can become a four digit number before you know it). These blogs show you how to care for your car and troubleshoot those pesky problems that would end up costing you time and money spent at a mechanic.

General DIY Car Care Blogs

Caring for your car properly will help you save money. If you aren’t at all familiar with the engine of a car, don’t fret! These DIY car care blogs are simple to follow and offer sound advice that is easy to follow. If you’re still worried, consult your good friend Google to find out what words mean just to make sure you don’t blow the car up.

  1. About Auto Repair This site has nearly everything you need to know about DIY auto repair. Also check out the forum attached to the site for tips on DIY-ing nearly any car problem with tips from other readers.
  2. Auto Facts – DIY Auto Repair This site explains how to take on a car problem on your own. It isn’t always going to work, but it’s almost always worth a stab since you won’t be causing any additional problems for your vehicle.
  3. Car Bibles For those looking to learn the ropes of DIY auto repair and maintenance, this is the blog for you. There’s tips on tires, transmissions and more.
  4. Car Care Canada – Be Car Care Aware In order to take care of car problems that strike while on the road, you need to consult this blog for a rundown of items you need in you car at all times, just in case you run into an issue while traveling.
  5. Lifehacker – Top 10 DIY Car Hacks From making extra space in your car to how to hypermile (that means getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to gas usage), these car hacks are a must-read for those who want to save money.
  6. DIY Car Care Tips for You This blog explains how to keep up with your car so you can clearly spot problems as they occur. Nipping a problem in the bud usually ends up costing less than letting an automobile problem swell.
  7. Do It Yourself – Auto Maintenance and Care This is the definitive online manual to taking care of your car yourself. It has everything for beginners, but for those who know the basics, it offers even more DIY auto repair tips.
  8. 10w40 This auto repair site prides itself on sharing accessible information with readers and showing you the difference between a DIY auto problem that can be solved at home and those that must be taken in to the shop.
  9. Car Basics From getting a better price on your car insurance to videos on caring for your brakes right in your very own garage.
  10. PepBoys – Car Care Corner The experts from PepBoys are kind enough to blog about their best-of DIY car care tips.
  11. DIY Car Care This blog no longer updates, but the blogger did such an amazing explaining simple DIY auto repair tips that we encourage you to stop by and learn how to change a spark plug or your car’s battery.
  12. Essential Car Care This site has advice on how to quickly and efficiently change a tire and explains car parts in detail (but still a language you can grasp).
  13. Car Care Site Learn if your brake rotors are on the fritz and how to conduct preventative maintenance on your own, allowing your car to run properly.
  14. eHow – DIY Auto Care This blog points out that using the right tools will make all the difference for those dabbling in DIY auto repairs.
  15. Real Car Guys This blog is for hardcore car lovers who know the ins-and-outs of basic auto repairs and need tips on more complicated jobs or want to stay posted on new DIY tools and products.

DIY Car Maintenance

From changing a tire to changing your oil, these blogs show you how to take care of smaller jobs on your own.

  1. Auto Repair Tips Learn how to troubleshoot basic automobile problems at this car blog.
  2. DIY Auto Tech Check out this site’s messageboard for tips from real people who are also DIY savvy when it comes to repairing and maintaining their cars.
  3. Auto Education – DIY Easy Basics Even if you aren’t car savvy, these DIY projects are the minimal things you can care for that will save you time and money in the long run.
  4. Auto Part Zones There may be problems with your automobile that you aren’t able to handle on your own. Know how to approach a mechanic with the issue at this auto repair blog.
  5. MoneySee – DIY Auto Repair vs. Professional Repair Is there a real difference in caring for your car at home versus having it tended to by a mechanic? Learn what you can tackle on your own and what you should leave to the professionals with these how-to videos.
  6. DIY Auto Repair This blog shows you how to fix a pesky window and how to keep your engine running so it’s gas efficient.
  7. Brakemasters Peruse this blog to learn how to keep your car in stellar condition. It has tips on spotting the right time for a new timing belt and whether emergency roadside assistance programs are worth their high costs.
  8. Automechanics Channel your inner mechanic with this auto maintenance blog. It’s a must-read for those looking to learn the basics like changing oil and checking brakes.
  9. Basic Auto Maintenance and Repair Get tips on kicking you’re air conditioner into gear when it’s giving you problems on a steamy day.
  10. Edmunds – How to Change a Flat Tire There’s nothing that says a flat tire must be changed by a Triple A guy. Learn how to do it yourself with this article from the experts.
  11. eHow – Car Oil Maintenance At this site you’ll find a plethora of articles on how to change your oil. There’s no reason to spend the $70 or so most mechanics ask for the fairly simple task.
  12. College Car Guide This blog boasts that the tips featured are so simple a college kid can pull them off.
  13. DIY Auto Repair Tips Learn how to identify a problem when your car starts acting up and how to care for your car so it doesn’t break down easily.
  14. Car Guide 123 – DIY Auto Repair and Maintenance This blog explains that DIY car care may not always be easy to learn, but for those looking to save money and willing to get their hands dirty, it’s a hobby worth exploring.

DIY Car Wash Blog Posts and Articles

There’s nothing that makes your car feel swanky like a good wash. Inside and out, taking your car to be washed can cost up to $100, depending on the size of the vehicle. Even a quick wash rounds out to be nearly $20. Save your money and wash it yourself with tips from these DIY car wash blog posts and articles.

  1. Simple DIY Car Wash Tips Make your ride sparkle with these tips from the experts.
  2. DIY Life – DIY Car Shampoo on a Shoestring Forget those pricey car soaps sold in the auto repair store. Check out this simple recipe you can whip up at home for washing your car.
  3. eHow – DIY Car Cleaning Tips Depending on how large your vehicle is, washing it can be quite the job. Learn how to streamline your work and still get the job done right with this from this article.
  4. Consumer Reports – Do’s and Dont’s of Washing Your Car Learn the proper technique for washing your car and making it look like you just drove it off the lot.
  5. Auto Valet Direct – DIY Car Cleaning Tips This article gives you car cleaning tips from the pros and shows you how to clean your tires so they stay in mint condition.
  6. Samarins – How to Clean Car Interior Learn how to clean the inside of your car, removing dust from all of those nooks and crannies that get filthy fast.
  7. Car Junction Here you’ll find pointers for ensuring your car is super clean inside and out, including how to get rid of any funky odors that seem to be lingering.
  8. Ultimate Wash – Ask the Expert Get the skinny on when and how often to clean your car and whether all cars need a wax to protect the paint job from debris and dirt.
  9. Autotopia Car Care – Car Leather & Interior Care Learn how to vacuum you car so you get every spot of lint up and how to condition the leather so you have comfy seats for your passengers.
  10. How to Clean Anything – Leather Care for Your Car Interior Learn how often you should lather up your leather seats and how to condition them to prevent cracks or dry spots.
  11. DC Car Care – Polish Before You Wax While these tips are written for those who are into vintage cars, the same rules apply for properly waxing your Prius.

You should care for your car because, for many of us, it’s one of the biggest investments you make. If you’re leasing, you want to keep the car in tip-top condition to avoid any problems when it’s time to turn the car over to the dealer. If you’re buying the car, you want to care for it because you want it to last. While Junior may not think getting a clunker is cool at 16, he’s likely to appreciate the care you put into the car when he’s takes it over.

What Chinas Non-Profit Sector Needs to Thrive

There was a time not so long ago when the words China and non-profit sector could never have been uttered in the same sentence. The country was totally Communist and there was no such thing as free enterprise. Today however, this Asian nation is a powerhouse in the industrial sector. With its vast human resources, cheap and educated labor, and land mass, China is the world’s manufacturing hub. Almost every multinational company and conglomerate has units in China where they do all their manufacturing at low costs. This reversal of fortunes has come about largely as a result of the economic reforms that took place in the 1980s.

Today, China has a thriving non-profit sector too – initially started to improve education and help alleviate poverty, this sector has grown to providing emergency medical help for those who need it and loans through microfinance facilities for people to set up their own small businesses. But even with the significant amount of growth that this sector has seen over the past few decades, there are a few things that are lacking for it to really thrive as non-profit sectors in other countries do:

  • Management skills: Most startup non-profits struggle to move forward because they don’t have the right persons at the helm. People who manage non-profits must not only be dynamic and really be passionate about the venture they run; they also need to have good management skills like those needed to run a corporate business. It may be non-profit, but it still takes good business acumen to manage.
  • Resources: Although China’s corporations are slowly opening their coffers to contribute to charities, philanthropic causes and non-profit organizations, the money is still not enough to develop these organizations and help them grow. The non-profit sector needs adequate funding from venture capitalists, businessmen and philanthropists, and money will come in only when those involved with the projects know how to lobby for and secure funding. This skill is still lacking in people who manage non-profits in China.
  • Infrastructure: The non-profits have the right intention, but without the infrastructure to back their efforts, they’re not going to get very far. To provide education and basic medical care, they need hospitals and schools and other resources like staff, medicines, textbooks, and so on. To take their services to the people who really need them, they need vehicles and quality roads to reach villages that are almost entirely cut off from the rest of the country. Without the backing of the government and money from venture capitalists, non-profits will find it hard to survive and thrive in China.
  • Government support and vision: While the government has acknowledged the existence of the non-profit sector and even extended support for a few, the consensus by and large is that China’s high command views these companies with a jaundiced eye. They’re worried about the people who run non-profits (especially groups that have religious or political affiliations) being rebels or renegades who could bring about political revolutions. Also, there is no real development vision for the non-profit sector, so it tends to flounder without anyone to steer it in the right manner and the right direction.

Beyond Groupon: 20 Great Deal of the Day Sites You Haven’t Heard Of

Groupon has changed the way people do business in person and over the web. With loads of merchants literally scrambling to bring shoppers the latest in coupons, deals, and more, a simple visit to this site can have you saving hundreds of dollars. As we all know, when one trend catches fire, others follow.

With shopping season upon us, it makes more sense than ever to let your keyboard do the shopping. To help, we have gone beyond Groupon and gathered 20 great deal of the day sites you haven’t heard of. With everything from dining to electronics and much more on sale, they can help get you the best in deals for your dollar.

Great General Deal of the Day Sites You Haven’t Heard Of

No matter what you are looking for, the below deal of the day sites have more items than you can literally shake the internet at.

  1. Woot!
    One of the original Deal of the Day sites, it remains one of the best. Choose from several sub-sites such as kids, shirt, sellout, wine, and even a deals only site. Deals often include a detailed description of the item, along with how fast it took to sell the first one. There is also a blog, active community, and Wootcast with much more.
  2. Buy With Me
    This site is very similar to Groupon. It automatically knows which city you are in (or select it from the dropdown) and features the best in daily deals on the homepage. You can also choose from today’s deal, their favorites, and more. Along with what the deal is going for, as well as how much it is worth, there is also a map of where you can go cash in the deal.
  3. DOD Tracker
    Take more of an active role in your daily deals on this site. They visit loads of similar sites on a daily basis and gather all the deals to one place. Choose from categories such as computers, apparel, music, home, and even one a day deals. There is also a master list where you can view them all.
  4. Deal Sucker
    If you think Deal of the Day sites can be for suckers, this is the DOD site for you. It keeps a real time tracking system of loads of sites offering Deals of the Day. In addition to the current price, you can also check out reviews from those who have already purchased the item. Hot deals are kept up to date on a feeder, and there are items that even offer cash back incentives.
  5. One Day Buys
    Where can you put children’s clothes next to premium cigars in your virtual shopping cart? At this site. Deals offered on a 24 basis often find their way to this home page from various vendors. There is even an option for the most popular deals where you can piggyback on what everyone else is looking at/ buying. You can also choose by type of item desired.
  6. Today’s DOD
    Get incentives to buy such as one cent shipping on this site. Another highlight of Today’s DOD is a picture of the item, along with price, time left, savings, and other bonuses. They also offer sorting tools such as price, time left, popularity, and others.
  7. Whiskey Militia
    Need a pair of HD goggles or a skateboard on the fly? Then this site is for you. With deals updated on the latest in trendy gear by the minute, you can get items at 75 percent off or more. Best of all, this site tells you how many of the items are available, how many remain, and how many people are on the page.
  8. Last Minute Auction
    Because auctions are where unbelievable bargains can happen, click here. It gives you a listing of online auctions that are near completion. Included are how much time is left, what the current price is, how many have bid, and even what the shipping and handling charges are. You can also narrow by topics ranging from antiques to video games.

Great Specific Deal of the Day Sites You Haven’t Heard Of

These Deal of the Day sites focus on a specific area.

    Need to find a deal for a meal fast? Then enter your zip code to shop loads of participating restaurants in the area. Entering my location connected me with 87 places within five miles offering everything from American to Thai cuisine. The deal generally involves purchasing a gift certificate for half of what it’s worth. For example, a $25 gift card to most of these restaurants sold for anything from $10 to $17.50.
  2. Yugster
    Don’t think you can get a decent computer for under $200? Then visit Yugster where this is today’s deal. Best of all, you don’t need to enter your email or location to get deals on loads of electronics, technology, and everything in between. Refurbished products are often listed, along with the shipping costs and any other surprises you might expect from an online shopping experience.
  3. Living Social
    Get out more with the help of this DOD site. It features deals on restaurants, spas, or events in your area. Not only do they feature things to do in your area, but there are also getaways and vacations leaving from your area to choose from. You can even get the iPhone app with more.
  4. Uneetee
    Not enough tasteless t-shirts in your dresser? Then visit here where they regularly sell for under $10. Along with a t-shirt deal of the day, you can get shirts for guys, girls, kids, and even hoodies. They also have a Mystery Shirt deal that can have you stealing a find or finding a steal.
  5. Bits Du Jour
    This DOD site offers computer software at great prices. A stand out feature of the site is the ability to preview upcoming deals so as to not have to visit on a daily basis. The usual retail price, deal price, and time left to purchase are listed. You can also scroll down to see what others are saying about the deal.
  6. MacZot!
    If you have a Mac, this is the Deal of the Day site for you. They feature loads of Mac software on a regular basis at often half the retail price. In addition to learning more about the DOD, you can even enter a contest to win it.
  7. Sixth Avenue Electronics
    This electronics store has locations in New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. However, you don’t have to live anywhere near there to take advantage of their electronic deals of the day. A different deal is featured every 24 hours, as well as auctions, trade-ins, and even contests.

Great Other Deal of the Day Sites You Haven’t Heard Of

The best of the rest is featured on these Deal of the Day sites.

  1. The Point
    Anyone can spend money from their computer or mobile device, but how many can actually raise it? The Point’s tagline is “make something happen.” Whether you’re raising money, organizing people, or trying to influence change, they can help. Current options include a featured environmental campaign, information on consumer rights, and how to fund an artist. Be sure and click on the video to see exactly how this site works.
  2. Target Deal of the Day
    Love your local Target but hate the crowds, lines, etc.? Then this is a must visit to get Deals of the Day without stepping out of your home. Free shipping is often offered as an incentive to visit. You can also view deals by categories such as women’s weekly, electronics, clearance, and coupon savings.
  3. Amazon Deal of the Day
    Known as the world’s best-selling online book store, they have so much more to offer. With finds in everything from the latest offerings to rarities, if you can’t find it on Amazon, chances are it isn’t out there. Their Deal of the Day can feature everything from discount software to things for around the home to jewelry. Also, customer reviews of the product are extensive and give a good opinion on what to expect. Be sure not to miss the Lightning Deals several times a day that usually sell out fast.
  4. Deal Vogue
    Living in or near New York City is a must for this Deal of the Day site. However, it is not a necessity. For example, the current $10 Starbucks gift card offered at only $3.00 can be bought by anyone and used at any location. You can even enter your zip code to learn when Deal Vogue has items for your city.
  5. Live off Groupon
    When Groupon’s founder challenged users to live off nothing but Groupon deals for a year, Josh Stevens answered the call. After subletting his apartment and putting his things in storage, he is now on a mission that ends in May 2011 to live off nothing but Groupons. The blog includes the latest in his adventures, as well as the very best in Groupon deals.

If the above 20 great deal of the day sites you haven’t heard of don’t feature enough in deals for you, you can always turn to the original Groupon. Although they do ask for a zip code and email address, it isn’t necessary to browse for the deals available in your area. Standouts of the site remain insane deals, how much time there is left to buy, and how many have already partaken of it.

Top 30 Websites and Blogs to Score a Deal on Clothing

We all have to get dressed in the morning, so we may as well do it for less. These days, that doesn’t mean skimping on quality. Fashion is more democratic than ever as online stores remove the cost of the middleman and pass the savings on to you. Here’s a list at the top websites and blogs to check out the next time you need to outfit yourself for any occasion.

Sites for Scoring a Deal on Clothing

Many websites for scoring a deal on clothing are invite only. How exclusive is this invitation? Not at all exclusive, it turns out. Unless you’re looking for a membership with Gilt Noir, count yourself”in,” merely by registering on the site’s website and expect an email granting you access to the site anywhere from a few minutes to a few days after signing up.

  1. Ideeli
    Recently cited in Oprah magazine, Ideeli boasts luxe goods of every type, including clothing, accessories and even travel.
  2. Hautelook
    This site is our go-to for designer goods for less. Their Blowout sales give you ridiculous savings, with items sometimes marked up to 90% off.
  3. Gilt
    If you spend $10,000 or more at Gilt, you get an invite for Gilt Noir. This grants you access to higher end merchandise and gives you a first look at the Gilt sales before they’re open to mere mortals. If you don’t plan on spending that much, there are still plenty of deals to be had on cashmere, denim and more.
  4. Ooh I Love
    This is an auction site and while there are seldom actual clothes on the site, you can bid on gift cards to major retailers like Anthropologie and Nordstrom and get funds to spend at a steal.
  5. Editor’s Closet
    This site is ripe with contemporary designer brands, boasting everything from cocktail dresses to skinny jeans.
  6. JackThreads
    This one’s for the boys and has plenty of contemporary clothing to choose from at reasonable prices.
  7. Rue La La
    This site always has It brands featured, making it a great place to shop for that trendy fix.
  8. Billion Dollar Babes
    This site started as a good ol’ fashion sample sale and morphed into an online sale site that sells vintage pieces and modern clothing for far less than you’d find in the fancy boutiques that normally stock them.
  9. Gomatta Girls
    This site usually focuses on one deal per day, but periodically they will run up to three sales at one time. There seem to always have dresses on sale for dress fantatics.
  10. eBay Fashion Vault
    While eBay as a whole is a great resource for budget shoppers, the Fashion Vault always has new items that are often in stores at that moment, at a fraction of the retail price.
  11. Biva
    Designer jeans seem to have a stronghold on this sample sale site.
  12. Envvius
    This site has designers that aren’t as well-known, which means you can score some unique pieces on the cheap.
  13. The Outnet
    This is the outlet version of swanky, which means you’re getting designer goods for less, along with the great customer service and darling packaging the sister store boasts.
  14. Modnique
    This discount site always has insane deals and plenty to choose from.
  15. Urban Bloke
    This men’s site has everything from casual sweaters to high end button-ups for the office. Sales last 2-4 days, so check back often.

Coupon Code Websites

This is a golden rule of online shopping – should you find what you’re looking for, never buy without first doing a search for a coupon code. This is elementary thinking that is sure to save you major dough in the long run. While you may not score a percentage off, you can surely do a little scurrying around the web for free shipping.

  1. Coupon ShoeBox
    If chain stores like Gap and Old Navy are staples for you, this site has updated coupon and promotional codes to get you the best bang for your buck.
  2. Retail Me Not
    Everyday new coupon codes are posted on this site for stores like Talbots, Coldwater Creek and Kohls.
  3. Coupon Code
    Here you’ll find coupons for contemporary designer online stores like Seven for All Mankind, along with big stores like Sears.
  4. Current Codes
    This is the site to check out when you know what you’re shopping for since it lets you narrow down options.
  5. Coupon Mom
    Coupon Mom is a fabulous site because it has coupon codes, but also allows you to print coupons for stores that accept run them, like Macy’s and Kohl’s.
  6. Frugal Shopper
    In a land where coupons are scarce, this Canadian-based site is sure to entice with an array of print-out coupons and codes for stores that ship to Canada.
  7. Smart Source
    While this site is geared towards grocery shoppers, it allows you to view the circulars in your area and spot clothing deals at retailers that send out sale papers like Target and Wal-mart.

Blogs That Track Sample Sales and Coupon Codes

Most sample sales go down in New York City and periodically make their way to the West coast (most often in LA or San Francisco). These blogs are penned by hardcore shoppers who are always on the hunt for the next fabulous deal and are willing to share their tips with readers.

  1. Racked
    We’re obsessed with this site because it gives a play-by-play of what’s going down at New York City area sample sales, letting you know whether it’s worth the trek or not.
  2. The Vie Society
    Everyone’s favorite”moopig” gives us the skinny on sample sales in New York before they happen and has plenty of cheeky banter to keep you occupied when sale season is lagging.
  3. The New Yorker – Annual New York Sales Calendar
    Many sales in New York happen at the same time every year. While locations vary, this guide breaks down what’s happening and when, so you can plan accordingly.
  4. Madison Avenue Spy
    For the dirt on sample sales, this spy does all the work and features recaps and coupon codes for online sites.
  5. Guerilla Shopper
    Get ready to save money with the help of this blogger who will aide you in darting around Manhattan all in the name of shopping.
  6. Sample Sally
    Sample Sally is always posting about sample sales from New York City, complete with pictures of the mayhem and a rundown of price points.
  7. The Shophound
    This New Yorker keeps you posted on retail news in Manhattan and gives you a weekly preview of upcoming sample sites, both brick-and-mortar and online.
  8. New York Magazine
    Each week, New York Magazine posts a list of sample sales going on, including addresses and hours.

The Internet allows communication to travel faster than ever. If you’re on a jaunt to New York City and check out a few sites listed above, you’re almost sure to find a sample sale to drop in on. While sale season is at its peak in early summer and post-holidays, there’s always a deal to be had on the web, especially if you know what you’re after.

Top 25 Sneaker Blogs

Ever since the inception of the “tennis shoe,” the sneaker has become one of the most popular types of footwear in the world. Not just for the court anymore, sneakers come in all colors, varieties, and even for time of day. With dozens of makers releasing new styles every week, it can be hard to keep up with it all.

However, with the emergence of the sneaker blog, choosing the right shoe just got loads easier. To that effect, we have gathered the top 25 sneaker blogs, which are different from those other shoe blogs that focus on designer labels, heels, and what purse to wear with them.

Top Sneaker Blogs by an Individual

Learn more about sneakers in these blogs by people who love them.

  1. Sneaker Me Stupid
    Get “sneaker coverage you can count on” in this blog. Not only does it have the common release dates, but the blog also offers a sneaker pricing guide that can help save you some cash. There are also industry features and breaking news to choose from.
  2. My Air Shoes
    Stop here for daily shoe and sneaker information. The blogger also includes release dates and other news. Popular brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Vans are the topic of many posts. Be sure not to miss the Sneakerpedia with everything you could ever want to know about sneakers.
  3. Kicks and Chicks
    Because sneakers aren’t a boy-only thing, check out this blog. It features hip hop models and other celebrities, along with their sneakers. You can also learn more about where to get your own “chick kicks.”
  4. Michael Ditullo
    Michael spent nearly a decade developing several product collections at Nike Inc. from advanced concept to production. He is a design expert who offers his opinion on many things, including sneakers. Check out his blog with latest thoughts, or search exclusively by footwear.
  5. Custom Shoe Blog
    Brandon Laskowski of Kansas City, Missouri has had a passion for shoes, creativity, and other different forms of art. Brandon now creates his own specialized custom footwear by modifying sneakers. Visit to check out the latest, or learn more about his other work.
  6. EU Kicks
    Rocky Brown provides commentary on sneaker news from Europe and around the world. His knowledge of sneakers is extensive, and he is not shy about sharing it. Latest entries are on Jordans, Huf Footwear, and Converse.
  7. New Kicks on the Blog
    Although the blogger remains anonymous, there are still comment-packed entries to keep readers coming. An A to Z guide for sneakers from Air Assault to Ventilator is also shared. A significant amount of time can pass between entries, making the latest news harder to come by.

Top Sneaker Blogs by a Group

Several bloggers collaborate to bring you even more about sneakers.

  1. Nice Kicks
    This blog began as a solution to the complex and convoluted message boards and forums. It now offers readers a daily destination where credible information, the history of the sneakers, and expert opinions are made the priority. Over two million visitors have stopped by to get the latest in information and even a kick of the day.
  2. Sneaker Obsession
    Visit this blog to get exactly what the title promises. These bloggers are so obsessed with sneakers, they feature everything from release dates to important facts in sneaker history. Check out their online shop or Twitter feed with more.
  3. Sneaker Files
    An online magazine, they feature industry experts and their thoughts on sneakers. There is also a regularly updated release calendar, a sneaker archive, and loads of information on vintage footwear. There is even an option for readers to submit their own sneaker news.
  4. The Sole Collector
    Steve Mullholand and others write obsessively on sneakers and even the business behind it. Sections on the blog include market place, release dates, “kicksology,” and others. Popular posts are on Carmelo Anthony and the Air Jordan Retro.
  5. Sole Redemption
    The goal of this blog is to take the hottest sneaker news from all over the internet and gather it in a concise and straightforward fashion. Standout features include a buyer’s guide for men and “ye olde technology.” Current popular entries include the Black Air Yeezy and Nike Aerofit.
  6. Jumpman
    Visit here for the official Nike blog for the Jordan sneaker. Categories include first looks and breaking news. You can also get tons of other Nike related information on the site.
  7. Kicksaholic
    This blog is devoted to feeding sneaker addictions from Adidas to Puma. Simply choose your brand and go to begin. You can also check out the latest blog entries with more.
  8. Don’t Question Kings
    Shoes, sneakers, and even street art are the focus of this blog. Release alerts for sneakers are often the topic of posts. There is also news for the Bronx area.
  9. Female Sneaker Fiend
    Continuing in the above tradition, this blog is for the female sneaker lover. Several gals provide commentary for everyone who owns at least one pair of sneakers all the way up to those who have a closet full of them. Celebrity sneakers, news, and thoughts are all shared.
  10. Sneaker Freaker
    Finally, if the above blogs aren’t enough, click here. Getting your own “frkn blog” links you to thousands of other sneaker aficionados. You can also read the blogs and message posts of others without signing up. The main site also offers loads more on sneakers.

Top Niche Sneaker Blogs

These blogs take on a specific sneaker or related topic.

  1. Air Jordan Legacy
    These sneakers and blog are dedicated to the career of Michael Jordan. In addition from information on the earliest form of the sneaker to the latest, there are also entries on products associated with the Air Jordan. There are also resources to purchase your own pair of these sneakers.
  2. Air 23
    Visit here for another sneaker blog devoted to the Air Jordan. Release dates, news, and even more information on the NBA player are shared. You can also search for entries on your favorite type of Air Jordans.
  3. Adidas
    This popular sneaker maker keeps an up to date news stream. Get the latest stories, buzz, and even a YouTube channel. There is also an app and even a site in Spanish.
    Sneakers for every kind of extreme sport are made by this manufacturer. Their site also offers tons of blogs on everything from BMX to surfing. Visit to read the latest or check out their newest sneaker and fashion releases.
  5. Sports Shoes
    Get information on all sports shoes, not just sneakers, by visiting this blog. Shoes for every sport from cycling to running are featured. You can also visit for news of new products arrivals, reductions, and thoughts on all the latest sports product technologies launched by brand partners.
  6. Bay Area Kicks
    You don’t have to live in the San Francisco area to take advantage of this blog, but it doesn’t hurt. Nike, Air Jordan, and Air Force One are the topics of many posts. They also have information on jerseys and an online shoe store.
  7. I Got Converse!
    Chuck Taylor’s just might be the ultimate in the way-back sneaker. To see who else is rocking a pair of Converse, visit here. Celebrities and their shoes are often the topic of sparse posts.
  8. I Got UGGs!
    Similar to the above, this blog focuses on these anti-fashion boots and their celebrity owners. Simply scroll down to view the latest. You can also choose your favorite celebrities from the column on the right.

Even if you haven’t bought a pair of sneakers in years or have a closet full of them, the above top 25 sneaker blogs are full of information on what to buy, where to buy them from, and even tips on what to wear with them.