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Top 40 Blogs for DIY Car Care

Car problems can cramp your style like no other. In most parts of the U.S., owning a car is a way of life. If you don’t have one, you simply can’t get where you’re going. Most car problems have to be sorted immediately, but when you see the bill from the dealership or your mechanic, it’s tough to swallow the three digit number (which often can become a four digit number before you know it). These blogs show you how to care for your car and troubleshoot those pesky problems that would end up costing you time and money spent at a mechanic.

General DIY Car Care Blogs

Caring for your car properly will help you save money. If you aren’t at all familiar with the engine of a car, don’t fret! These DIY car care blogs are simple to follow and offer sound advice that is easy to follow. If you’re still worried, consult your good friend Google to find out what words mean just to make sure you don’t blow the car up.

  1. About Auto Repair This site has nearly everything you need to know about DIY auto repair. Also check out the forum attached to the site for tips on DIY-ing nearly any car problem with tips from other readers.
  2. Auto Facts – DIY Auto Repair This site explains how to take on a car problem on your own. It isn’t always going to work, but it’s almost always worth a stab since you won’t be causing any additional problems for your vehicle.
  3. Car Bibles For those looking to learn the ropes of DIY auto repair and maintenance, this is the blog for you. There’s tips on tires, transmissions and more.
  4. Car Care Canada – Be Car Care Aware In order to take care of car problems that strike while on the road, you need to consult this blog for a rundown of items you need in you car at all times, just in case you run into an issue while traveling.
  5. Lifehacker – Top 10 DIY Car Hacks From making extra space in your car to how to hypermile (that means getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to gas usage), these car hacks are a must-read for those who want to save money.
  6. DIY Car Care Tips for You This blog explains how to keep up with your car so you can clearly spot problems as they occur. Nipping a problem in the bud usually ends up costing less than letting an automobile problem swell.
  7. Do It Yourself – Auto Maintenance and Care This is the definitive online manual to taking care of your car yourself. It has everything for beginners, but for those who know the basics, it offers even more DIY auto repair tips.
  8. 10w40 This auto repair site prides itself on sharing accessible information with readers and showing you the difference between a DIY auto problem that can be solved at home and those that must be taken in to the shop.
  9. Car Basics From getting a better price on your car insurance to videos on caring for your brakes right in your very own garage.
  10. PepBoys – Car Care Corner The experts from PepBoys are kind enough to blog about their best-of DIY car care tips.
  11. DIY Car Care This blog no longer updates, but the blogger did such an amazing explaining simple DIY auto repair tips that we encourage you to stop by and learn how to change a spark plug or your car’s battery.
  12. Essential Car Care This site has advice on how to quickly and efficiently change a tire and explains car parts in detail (but still a language you can grasp).
  13. Car Care Site Learn if your brake rotors are on the fritz and how to conduct preventative maintenance on your own, allowing your car to run properly.
  14. eHow – DIY Auto Care This blog points out that using the right tools will make all the difference for those dabbling in DIY auto repairs.
  15. Real Car Guys This blog is for hardcore car lovers who know the ins-and-outs of basic auto repairs and need tips on more complicated jobs or want to stay posted on new DIY tools and products.

DIY Car Maintenance

From changing a tire to changing your oil, these blogs show you how to take care of smaller jobs on your own.

  1. Auto Repair Tips Learn how to troubleshoot basic automobile problems at this car blog.
  2. DIY Auto Tech Check out this site’s messageboard for tips from real people who are also DIY savvy when it comes to repairing and maintaining their cars.
  3. Auto Education – DIY Easy Basics Even if you aren’t car savvy, these DIY projects are the minimal things you can care for that will save you time and money in the long run.
  4. Auto Part Zones There may be problems with your automobile that you aren’t able to handle on your own. Know how to approach a mechanic with the issue at this auto repair blog.
  5. MoneySee – DIY Auto Repair vs. Professional Repair Is there a real difference in caring for your car at home versus having it tended to by a mechanic? Learn what you can tackle on your own and what you should leave to the professionals with these how-to videos.
  6. DIY Auto Repair This blog shows you how to fix a pesky window and how to keep your engine running so it’s gas efficient.
  7. Brakemasters Peruse this blog to learn how to keep your car in stellar condition. It has tips on spotting the right time for a new timing belt and whether emergency roadside assistance programs are worth their high costs.
  8. Automechanics Channel your inner mechanic with this auto maintenance blog. It’s a must-read for those looking to learn the basics like changing oil and checking brakes.
  9. Basic Auto Maintenance and Repair Get tips on kicking you’re air conditioner into gear when it’s giving you problems on a steamy day.
  10. Edmunds – How to Change a Flat Tire There’s nothing that says a flat tire must be changed by a Triple A guy. Learn how to do it yourself with this article from the experts.
  11. eHow – Car Oil Maintenance At this site you’ll find a plethora of articles on how to change your oil. There’s no reason to spend the $70 or so most mechanics ask for the fairly simple task.
  12. College Car Guide This blog boasts that the tips featured are so simple a college kid can pull them off.
  13. DIY Auto Repair Tips Learn how to identify a problem when your car starts acting up and how to care for your car so it doesn’t break down easily.
  14. Car Guide 123 – DIY Auto Repair and Maintenance This blog explains that DIY car care may not always be easy to learn, but for those looking to save money and willing to get their hands dirty, it’s a hobby worth exploring.

DIY Car Wash Blog Posts and Articles

There’s nothing that makes your car feel swanky like a good wash. Inside and out, taking your car to be washed can cost up to $100, depending on the size of the vehicle. Even a quick wash rounds out to be nearly $20. Save your money and wash it yourself with tips from these DIY car wash blog posts and articles.

  1. Simple DIY Car Wash Tips Make your ride sparkle with these tips from the experts.
  2. DIY Life – DIY Car Shampoo on a Shoestring Forget those pricey car soaps sold in the auto repair store. Check out this simple recipe you can whip up at home for washing your car.
  3. eHow – DIY Car Cleaning Tips Depending on how large your vehicle is, washing it can be quite the job. Learn how to streamline your work and still get the job done right with this from this article.
  4. Consumer Reports – Do’s and Dont’s of Washing Your Car Learn the proper technique for washing your car and making it look like you just drove it off the lot.
  5. Auto Valet Direct – DIY Car Cleaning Tips This article gives you car cleaning tips from the pros and shows you how to clean your tires so they stay in mint condition.
  6. Samarins – How to Clean Car Interior Learn how to clean the inside of your car, removing dust from all of those nooks and crannies that get filthy fast.
  7. Car Junction Here you’ll find pointers for ensuring your car is super clean inside and out, including how to get rid of any funky odors that seem to be lingering.
  8. Ultimate Wash – Ask the Expert Get the skinny on when and how often to clean your car and whether all cars need a wax to protect the paint job from debris and dirt.
  9. Autotopia Car Care – Car Leather & Interior Care Learn how to vacuum you car so you get every spot of lint up and how to condition the leather so you have comfy seats for your passengers.
  10. How to Clean Anything – Leather Care for Your Car Interior Learn how often you should lather up your leather seats and how to condition them to prevent cracks or dry spots.
  11. DC Car Care – Polish Before You Wax While these tips are written for those who are into vintage cars, the same rules apply for properly waxing your Prius.

You should care for your car because, for many of us, it’s one of the biggest investments you make. If you’re leasing, you want to keep the car in tip-top condition to avoid any problems when it’s time to turn the car over to the dealer. If you’re buying the car, you want to care for it because you want it to last. While Junior may not think getting a clunker is cool at 16, he’s likely to appreciate the care you put into the car when he’s takes it over.