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Top 25 Sneaker Blogs

Ever since the inception of the “tennis shoe,” the sneaker has become one of the most popular types of footwear in the world. Not just for the court anymore, sneakers come in all colors, varieties, and even for time of day. With dozens of makers releasing new styles every week, it can be hard to keep up with it all.

However, with the emergence of the sneaker blog, choosing the right shoe just got loads easier. To that effect, we have gathered the top 25 sneaker blogs, which are different from those other shoe blogs that focus on designer labels, heels, and what purse to wear with them.

Top Sneaker Blogs by an Individual

Learn more about sneakers in these blogs by people who love them.

  1. Sneaker Me Stupid
    Get “sneaker coverage you can count on” in this blog. Not only does it have the common release dates, but the blog also offers a sneaker pricing guide that can help save you some cash. There are also industry features and breaking news to choose from.
  2. My Air Shoes
    Stop here for daily shoe and sneaker information. The blogger also includes release dates and other news. Popular brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Vans are the topic of many posts. Be sure not to miss the Sneakerpedia with everything you could ever want to know about sneakers.
  3. Kicks and Chicks
    Because sneakers aren’t a boy-only thing, check out this blog. It features hip hop models and other celebrities, along with their sneakers. You can also learn more about where to get your own “chick kicks.”
  4. Michael Ditullo
    Michael spent nearly a decade developing several product collections at Nike Inc. from advanced concept to production. He is a design expert who offers his opinion on many things, including sneakers. Check out his blog with latest thoughts, or search exclusively by footwear.
  5. Custom Shoe Blog
    Brandon Laskowski of Kansas City, Missouri has had a passion for shoes, creativity, and other different forms of art. Brandon now creates his own specialized custom footwear by modifying sneakers. Visit to check out the latest, or learn more about his other work.
  6. EU Kicks
    Rocky Brown provides commentary on sneaker news from Europe and around the world. His knowledge of sneakers is extensive, and he is not shy about sharing it. Latest entries are on Jordans, Huf Footwear, and Converse.
  7. New Kicks on the Blog
    Although the blogger remains anonymous, there are still comment-packed entries to keep readers coming. An A to Z guide for sneakers from Air Assault to Ventilator is also shared. A significant amount of time can pass between entries, making the latest news harder to come by.

Top Sneaker Blogs by a Group

Several bloggers collaborate to bring you even more about sneakers.

  1. Nice Kicks
    This blog began as a solution to the complex and convoluted message boards and forums. It now offers readers a daily destination where credible information, the history of the sneakers, and expert opinions are made the priority. Over two million visitors have stopped by to get the latest in information and even a kick of the day.
  2. Sneaker Obsession
    Visit this blog to get exactly what the title promises. These bloggers are so obsessed with sneakers, they feature everything from release dates to important facts in sneaker history. Check out their online shop or Twitter feed with more.
  3. Sneaker Files
    An online magazine, they feature industry experts and their thoughts on sneakers. There is also a regularly updated release calendar, a sneaker archive, and loads of information on vintage footwear. There is even an option for readers to submit their own sneaker news.
  4. The Sole Collector
    Steve Mullholand and others write obsessively on sneakers and even the business behind it. Sections on the blog include market place, release dates, “kicksology,” and others. Popular posts are on Carmelo Anthony and the Air Jordan Retro.
  5. Sole Redemption
    The goal of this blog is to take the hottest sneaker news from all over the internet and gather it in a concise and straightforward fashion. Standout features include a buyer’s guide for men and “ye olde technology.” Current popular entries include the Black Air Yeezy and Nike Aerofit.
  6. Jumpman
    Visit here for the official Nike blog for the Jordan sneaker. Categories include first looks and breaking news. You can also get tons of other Nike related information on the site.
  7. Kicksaholic
    This blog is devoted to feeding sneaker addictions from Adidas to Puma. Simply choose your brand and go to begin. You can also check out the latest blog entries with more.
  8. Don’t Question Kings
    Shoes, sneakers, and even street art are the focus of this blog. Release alerts for sneakers are often the topic of posts. There is also news for the Bronx area.
  9. Female Sneaker Fiend
    Continuing in the above tradition, this blog is for the female sneaker lover. Several gals provide commentary for everyone who owns at least one pair of sneakers all the way up to those who have a closet full of them. Celebrity sneakers, news, and thoughts are all shared.
  10. Sneaker Freaker
    Finally, if the above blogs aren’t enough, click here. Getting your own “frkn blog” links you to thousands of other sneaker aficionados. You can also read the blogs and message posts of others without signing up. The main site also offers loads more on sneakers.

Top Niche Sneaker Blogs

These blogs take on a specific sneaker or related topic.

  1. Air Jordan Legacy
    These sneakers and blog are dedicated to the career of Michael Jordan. In addition from information on the earliest form of the sneaker to the latest, there are also entries on products associated with the Air Jordan. There are also resources to purchase your own pair of these sneakers.
  2. Air 23
    Visit here for another sneaker blog devoted to the Air Jordan. Release dates, news, and even more information on the NBA player are shared. You can also search for entries on your favorite type of Air Jordans.
  3. Adidas
    This popular sneaker maker keeps an up to date news stream. Get the latest stories, buzz, and even a YouTube channel. There is also an app and even a site in Spanish.
    Sneakers for every kind of extreme sport are made by this manufacturer. Their site also offers tons of blogs on everything from BMX to surfing. Visit to read the latest or check out their newest sneaker and fashion releases.
  5. Sports Shoes
    Get information on all sports shoes, not just sneakers, by visiting this blog. Shoes for every sport from cycling to running are featured. You can also visit for news of new products arrivals, reductions, and thoughts on all the latest sports product technologies launched by brand partners.
  6. Bay Area Kicks
    You don’t have to live in the San Francisco area to take advantage of this blog, but it doesn’t hurt. Nike, Air Jordan, and Air Force One are the topics of many posts. They also have information on jerseys and an online shoe store.
  7. I Got Converse!
    Chuck Taylor’s just might be the ultimate in the way-back sneaker. To see who else is rocking a pair of Converse, visit here. Celebrities and their shoes are often the topic of sparse posts.
  8. I Got UGGs!
    Similar to the above, this blog focuses on these anti-fashion boots and their celebrity owners. Simply scroll down to view the latest. You can also choose your favorite celebrities from the column on the right.

Even if you haven’t bought a pair of sneakers in years or have a closet full of them, the above top 25 sneaker blogs are full of information on what to buy, where to buy them from, and even tips on what to wear with them.