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Beyond Groupon: 20 Great Deal of the Day Sites You Haven’t Heard Of

Groupon has changed the way people do business in person and over the web. With loads of merchants literally scrambling to bring shoppers the latest in coupons, deals, and more, a simple visit to this site can have you saving hundreds of dollars. As we all know, when one trend catches fire, others follow.

With shopping season upon us, it makes more sense than ever to let your keyboard do the shopping. To help, we have gone beyond Groupon and gathered 20 great deal of the day sites you haven’t heard of. With everything from dining to electronics and much more on sale, they can help get you the best in deals for your dollar.

Great General Deal of the Day Sites You Haven’t Heard Of

No matter what you are looking for, the below deal of the day sites have more items than you can literally shake the internet at.

  1. Woot!
    One of the original Deal of the Day sites, it remains one of the best. Choose from several sub-sites such as kids, shirt, sellout, wine, and even a deals only site. Deals often include a detailed description of the item, along with how fast it took to sell the first one. There is also a blog, active community, and Wootcast with much more.
  2. Buy With Me
    This site is very similar to Groupon. It automatically knows which city you are in (or select it from the dropdown) and features the best in daily deals on the homepage. You can also choose from today’s deal, their favorites, and more. Along with what the deal is going for, as well as how much it is worth, there is also a map of where you can go cash in the deal.
  3. DOD Tracker
    Take more of an active role in your daily deals on this site. They visit loads of similar sites on a daily basis and gather all the deals to one place. Choose from categories such as computers, apparel, music, home, and even one a day deals. There is also a master list where you can view them all.
  4. Deal Sucker
    If you think Deal of the Day sites can be for suckers, this is the DOD site for you. It keeps a real time tracking system of loads of sites offering Deals of the Day. In addition to the current price, you can also check out reviews from those who have already purchased the item. Hot deals are kept up to date on a feeder, and there are items that even offer cash back incentives.
  5. One Day Buys
    Where can you put children’s clothes next to premium cigars in your virtual shopping cart? At this site. Deals offered on a 24 basis often find their way to this home page from various vendors. There is even an option for the most popular deals where you can piggyback on what everyone else is looking at/ buying. You can also choose by type of item desired.
  6. Today’s DOD
    Get incentives to buy such as one cent shipping on this site. Another highlight of Today’s DOD is a picture of the item, along with price, time left, savings, and other bonuses. They also offer sorting tools such as price, time left, popularity, and others.
  7. Whiskey Militia
    Need a pair of HD goggles or a skateboard on the fly? Then this site is for you. With deals updated on the latest in trendy gear by the minute, you can get items at 75 percent off or more. Best of all, this site tells you how many of the items are available, how many remain, and how many people are on the page.
  8. Last Minute Auction
    Because auctions are where unbelievable bargains can happen, click here. It gives you a listing of online auctions that are near completion. Included are how much time is left, what the current price is, how many have bid, and even what the shipping and handling charges are. You can also narrow by topics ranging from antiques to video games.

Great Specific Deal of the Day Sites You Haven’t Heard Of

These Deal of the Day sites focus on a specific area.

    Need to find a deal for a meal fast? Then enter your zip code to shop loads of participating restaurants in the area. Entering my location connected me with 87 places within five miles offering everything from American to Thai cuisine. The deal generally involves purchasing a gift certificate for half of what it’s worth. For example, a $25 gift card to most of these restaurants sold for anything from $10 to $17.50.
  2. Yugster
    Don’t think you can get a decent computer for under $200? Then visit Yugster where this is today’s deal. Best of all, you don’t need to enter your email or location to get deals on loads of electronics, technology, and everything in between. Refurbished products are often listed, along with the shipping costs and any other surprises you might expect from an online shopping experience.
  3. Living Social
    Get out more with the help of this DOD site. It features deals on restaurants, spas, or events in your area. Not only do they feature things to do in your area, but there are also getaways and vacations leaving from your area to choose from. You can even get the iPhone app with more.
  4. Uneetee
    Not enough tasteless t-shirts in your dresser? Then visit here where they regularly sell for under $10. Along with a t-shirt deal of the day, you can get shirts for guys, girls, kids, and even hoodies. They also have a Mystery Shirt deal that can have you stealing a find or finding a steal.
  5. Bits Du Jour
    This DOD site offers computer software at great prices. A stand out feature of the site is the ability to preview upcoming deals so as to not have to visit on a daily basis. The usual retail price, deal price, and time left to purchase are listed. You can also scroll down to see what others are saying about the deal.
  6. MacZot!
    If you have a Mac, this is the Deal of the Day site for you. They feature loads of Mac software on a regular basis at often half the retail price. In addition to learning more about the DOD, you can even enter a contest to win it.
  7. Sixth Avenue Electronics
    This electronics store has locations in New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. However, you don’t have to live anywhere near there to take advantage of their electronic deals of the day. A different deal is featured every 24 hours, as well as auctions, trade-ins, and even contests.

Great Other Deal of the Day Sites You Haven’t Heard Of

The best of the rest is featured on these Deal of the Day sites.

  1. The Point
    Anyone can spend money from their computer or mobile device, but how many can actually raise it? The Point’s tagline is “make something happen.” Whether you’re raising money, organizing people, or trying to influence change, they can help. Current options include a featured environmental campaign, information on consumer rights, and how to fund an artist. Be sure and click on the video to see exactly how this site works.
  2. Target Deal of the Day
    Love your local Target but hate the crowds, lines, etc.? Then this is a must visit to get Deals of the Day without stepping out of your home. Free shipping is often offered as an incentive to visit. You can also view deals by categories such as women’s weekly, electronics, clearance, and coupon savings.
  3. Amazon Deal of the Day
    Known as the world’s best-selling online book store, they have so much more to offer. With finds in everything from the latest offerings to rarities, if you can’t find it on Amazon, chances are it isn’t out there. Their Deal of the Day can feature everything from discount software to things for around the home to jewelry. Also, customer reviews of the product are extensive and give a good opinion on what to expect. Be sure not to miss the Lightning Deals several times a day that usually sell out fast.
  4. Deal Vogue
    Living in or near New York City is a must for this Deal of the Day site. However, it is not a necessity. For example, the current $10 Starbucks gift card offered at only $3.00 can be bought by anyone and used at any location. You can even enter your zip code to learn when Deal Vogue has items for your city.
  5. Live off Groupon
    When Groupon’s founder challenged users to live off nothing but Groupon deals for a year, Josh Stevens answered the call. After subletting his apartment and putting his things in storage, he is now on a mission that ends in May 2011 to live off nothing but Groupons. The blog includes the latest in his adventures, as well as the very best in Groupon deals.

If the above 20 great deal of the day sites you haven’t heard of don’t feature enough in deals for you, you can always turn to the original Groupon. Although they do ask for a zip code and email address, it isn’t necessary to browse for the deals available in your area. Standouts of the site remain insane deals, how much time there is left to buy, and how many have already partaken of it.